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SG-20 is a unique dual component polyurethane adhesive that provides superior strength and gets hunters in the field quicker than any other adhesives.


Vettec's SG-20 Adhesive Works to Repair Breathable Waders

Jessica Williams

You already know that SG-20 can repair Muck Boots, but did you know that it also repairs Neoprene and Breathable waders?!? Well it does. For Neoprene waders, they repair can be done as long as the waders are clean and dry.

If a repair is being made on the breathable wader material you would not try to fix the leak on the outside of the waders as it will not totally bond. This is because the breathable wader material is covered with a water resistant coating that SG-20 doesn't adhere to. Instead, we would suggest turning the waders inside out as much as possible to access the area. You should be able to hit that area with the mix tip and then cover it with the pink plastic included in the kit. If you can't reach the area with your mixing tip, then put enough material on the plastic and quickly place the plastic over the leak. Hold it there for 30 seconds, wait about 15 minutes, and then you can peel the plastic off.

Easy as that! Check out our instructional videos to see more.