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Oxnard, CA, 93033
United States

SG-20 is a unique dual component polyurethane adhesive that provides superior strength and gets hunters in the field quicker than any other adhesives.


SG-20 Adhesive used with Leather

Jessica Williams

Recently we received an email from a customer who was wondering if SG-20 would work to repair her leather boots. The customer had cracks across her work boots that she occasionally repaired using caulk. The problem was that this repair technique was only holding up for about a month. She was delighted to find out that SG-20 will bond to leather and will pretty much be a permanent seal!
In order to use SG-20 on a leather product, make sure that the leather is clean and dry. Apply the SG-20 directly over the area that you want to repair and wait for an hour before using.