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SG-20 is a unique dual component polyurethane adhesive that provides superior strength and gets hunters in the field quicker than any other adhesives.


SG-20 Adhesive for a Neoprene Dog Vest?

Jessica Williams

Earlier this month we received an email from a man interested in SG-20 Adhesive.  He wanted to know if it would repair a neoprene dog vest.  Here is how the Q&A went:

I will be custom fitting a neoprene dog vest.  This will require removing some excess material and gluing the neoprene back together.  Would you recommend SG-20 Adhesive for this application? 

Thanks for the question. SG-20 Adhesive would be perfect for this application.
Just make sure that the vest is dry when applying the material.  We would suggest using the contouring plastic sheet that comes with the kit, cut it in half anad place on sheet underneath the area  you are going to glue.  Then apply the SG-20 and place the second sheet on top of the material to smooth it out.  Let it dry for about 10 minutes (note that the thinner the material is spread out, the longer it will take for it to cure).  After 10 minutes, you can remove the plastic.  Once this repair is complete, the vest will more than likely wear out before the repair does.  It should be fantastic!
Do you have anything that you think SG-20 Adhesive could work on? If so, ask us! Email: or call us at: 800/483-8832.