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SG-20 is a unique dual component polyurethane adhesive that provides superior strength and gets hunters in the field quicker than any other adhesives.


What is SG-20 for?

SG-20 was originally designed for wader repair, however, we have found a multitude of uses for the product and now market it as a general outdoor adhesive repair product.

What will SG-20 repair?

SG-20 will repair waders, both neoprene and breathable, wet or dry. Rubber or leather boots, marine carpeting, wood, aluminum, rain gear (repairs should be made on the inside of water proofed material), duck & goose decoys and more.

How do I repair neoprene waders? 

Neoprene can be repaired when it is wet or dry. Simply apply the material to the hole, keep it still for 30 seconds and then wait about 1 hour before use. If the material is wet, wring out most of the moisture before you begin and apply material as above.

How do I repair breathable waders?

Breathable waders need to be repaired from the inside. Apply duct tape to the outside of the hole and turn the waders inside out. Apply SG-20 over the hole and use the contouring plastic sheet to flatten out and smooth SG-20. Leave approximately 1/16 in. thickness in the material so it cures properly. Keep the plastic on for approximately 10 minutes and then peel off. Wait one hour before use.

Once the cartridge is open can I store it for later use?

The cartridge can be stored for later use. After the initial use, leave the mix tip on and it will act as a cap. When you’re ready to use the cartridge again simply put a new mix tip on and dispense.

Can I get extra mix tips? 

Yes additional mix tips can be ordered in packs of 4.

Is there a shelf life to this product? 

Yes there is a shelf life of approximately 18 months. Each package has a used by date on it.

How do I repair boots?

Make sure boots are clean and dry before you start. Apply the material and wait 1 hour before use.

How do I fix Gore-Tex rainwear?

Repair any gear made of Gore-Tex from the inside. Apply duct tape on the outside of the material (over the hole) and turn inside out. Apply SG-20 to the hole and place the contouring plastic sheet on top to smooth out. Let it set for about 10 minutes, peel off the plastic wait approximately one hour before use.

Does SG-20 stay flexible over time? 

Yes, it retains it’s flexibility for years.

Can SG-20 freeze?

Yes, it can freeze without harm. However, you will need to warm it up before use. An easy way to do this is to place the cartridge in your pocket for few minutes until it reaches room temperature.

How thick should SG-20 repairs be? 

Repairs can vary in thickness depending on the need for strength and flexibility. In flexible areas on waders, such as the knee, use the contouring plastic and press it on to the dispensed SG-20. Flatten it out to the desired thickness (as thin as 1-2mm). Keep in mind that very thin repairs might not last as long as thicker ones. When you need a good deal of strength, simply let the SG-20 flow out and leave it thick.

How do I keep the material from running?

SG-20 has a syrup like consistency. It works best to keep the repair surface level. If you cannot keep it level, such as a curved surface, then have someone hold the item and rotate it while you dispense slowly. Another option is to use the contouring plastic over the material to prevent it from running. You do not have to press it thin, but the plastic will help control the flow on more vertical surfaces.

Should I wear gloves when using SG-20?

SG-20 is an adhesive so gloves are advisable. However, some gloves have powder on them so be careful that you don’t get any on the bonding surface. Nitrile gloves are usually the best.

How do I get SG-20 off my hands or clothing?

If you get SG-20 on your hands, simply wash with an abrasive soap like Lava or Boraxo; washing hands soon after will ensure that you are able to remove all residue, otherwise it will wear off over time. If you get SG-20 on your clothing, do not wipe it. Wait for it to set completely, then peel it off. Do this soon after it sets, otherwise it will remain permanently.

What if I get the SG-20 in a place where I don’t want it?

If you drip SG-20 onto a spot where you don’t want it long term, wait for it to set, then peel it off before it bonds permanently, usually 4-5 minutes.

Is there any material that SG-20 does not stick to?

SG-20 does not bond well to hard PVC plastic and Polyvinyl fabrics found in some float tubes and rafts. SG-20 bonds to neoprene, rubber, Gore-Tex/breathable fabrics, canvas, most nylons, felt soles, wood, aluminum, steel and cotton.

Does SG-20 come in any other colors besides black?

Currently black is the only color available; if you don’t want the repair to show you can always repair the inside on certain applications, such as waders, rain gear, tents, canvas bags, etc.